Is your business on the web yet?

Hi, I’m Les Larson, owner of Larson Computer Services, and I want to ask you a question:

“Does your business have a website yet?”

If it doesn’t, have you considered the business you might be missing because people can’t find you on the web?

Having a website is the modern-day equivalent of the business card or fax machine… if you don’t have a website, some people just don’t think you’re a “real” business, and they will go to the next vendor they can find on the Web.

More people now have handheld devices of some sort they use to find products and services on the web, and I think they all would laugh if you suggested they look you up in a phone book. If you’re not “on the Web”, they probably aren’t going to be calling you.

(Some of our clients have simple websites that only act as a 24/7 billboard, displaying contact information, along with store hours, location, that sort of thing. Their own customers have asked for that, so the customers can find the business’s phone number fast. People just don’t use phonebooks that much)

If you do have a website, are you happy with it? Is it “up” all the time? Does it display properly on smartphones? Does it convey the info you want it to, and is it easy for you to change from time to time (or even daily)?

And what about all the technical stuff that goes with having a website? Things like domain registration, hosting, DNS, MX records, website design, etc…

At Larson Computer Services, we’ve made it simple to get your business on the web. Every day, we help businesses big and small (and very small) get “on the Web”, with websites that are easy to manage, always stay up, and include extras like free spam filtering, automatic backup and unlimited email accounts.

Sound interesting? Then give us a call at 701-441-9794, ask us anything, find out how we can provide you with an affordable and reliable website, and let the whole world know you’re “Open for Business”!