Of course, The Best costs a little more…

I’m occasionally asked why we charge more for our services than some other local companies, and the answer is astoundingly simple and logical.

“We know more, and we do a better job”

I made a choice between two paths when I started Larson Computer Services in 1989. The choices were to be either a) the cheapest, or b) the best.

I also made another choice, between “selling Widgets” and “providing Expertise”. I chose to be in the Expertise side of things.

Twenty-plus years and thousands of successful resolutions later, I can tell you those choices have provided win-win scenarios our customers love, and they tell others about us, all around the country.

See, anybody who is reasonably honest and has at least two brain cells they can bang together knows that “Cheapest” and “Best” don’t go together. Ever. And anybody (and I do mean ANYBODY) can “sell” you a widget.

When people ask me about buying a new computer, I refer them to excellent, proven resources for branded or custom equipment (based on their preference) and when they need expert help setting things up, that’s where Larson Computer Services comes in.

With expertise ranging from local workstation issues to large, complicated networks, to web-based issues such as reliable website hosting, online backup and custom programming, there is simply not a better choice than Larson Computer Services. You won’t spend a fortune, and more importantly, you won’t be treated cheaply.

Give us a call at Larson Computer Services. 701-441-9794.

“Because anyone else is just a vendor…”