If it goes in, on, around or near a computer, Larson Computer Services has either designed, built, configured, maintained or programmed it, so it’s a bit hard to just say “Here’s what we do…”

The following are the main services we provide. If you need something not listed here, just call… we’ve probably done whatever you need. (Click on the service name to go to that page)

Tech Support: Whether it’s repair of a single laptop computer, or consultation, setup and maintenance of large, server-based networks, Larson Computer Services has the expertise to help. We won’t send a flunky to do an expert’s job. English-speaking support available in person, by phone or over the Internet.

Online Backup: Protect your valuable business and personal data with our Online Backup service. Offsite, automated and secure. Support for laptops, workstations and servers, business or personal, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Web Hosting: Our reliable hosting service ensures that your website is always up and your email always works. Manage all aspects of your account with our industry-leading control panel.

Email Filtering: Eliminate spam and junk mail with our best-of-class email filter. We clean up your domain mail with settings you select, then forward the cleaned mail to your email servers.