Email Filtering

Go ahead, say it with me… “Spam Sucks!”

We’ve all said it, after wading through mountains of Viagra and mortgage emails, and it’s true; Spam Sucks!… it really does. Email-based spam sucks bandwidth away from your network, sucks performance out of your computer, and sucks time from your day. Fight back, with Email Filtering services from Larson Computer Services (available to users with a qualified Internet domain)

Our spam filter hates spam as much as you do, maybe even more. Like a determined bulldog, it sinks its teeth into each incoming email message and won’t let go until it’s done with its work.

Briefly, here’s how: Email destined for your domain, e.g., “”, enters our system and goes through several stages. These include:Sender verification: If the sending domain is bogus, that email gets rejected (e.g, “”)

Virus checks: If the email contains a virus, it’s dropped. Period. We’ve never seen a legitimate email with a virus attached.

Content checks: Each email is subjected to over 700 tests to determine
if it’s spam.

Our system compares notes about each email with other ‘smart’ servers around the globe, and finally…

Driven by a ‘learning’ engine, our system gets smarter with each email
that passes through, and from you confirming whether it determined your spam and non-spam emails correctly.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the features:

Users can manage their own filter settings

Users can maintain their own whitelists and blacklists

Users can view their quarantined spam, and release any “good” messages mistakenly blocked

Cross-browser support (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.)

Online help pages for users and administrators

Individual settings can be maintained for each e-mail address

Scheduled e-mail reminders to encourage users to review their quarantine areas

Unlimited number of email accounts allowed

It’s obvious that our system is superior to other ‘one size fits all’ and workstation-based approaches to spam… Every month, hundreds of thousands of emails pass through our system, get checked, then blocked as spam or passed as non-spam (the good stuff), and for the most part our system gets it right… but it’s not perfect. (No email filtering system is 100% accurate.)

The bad guys never sleep and ‘the game’ constantly evolves, so our system is constantly being automatically updated with the latest salvo of information it needs to stay on top. When it does becomes necessary to check for ‘blocked’ messages, or inform our system about a ‘spam’ email that got through, a straightforward web-based user interface provides all the functionality to make the task of spam management easier. Additionally, all spam settings are customizable per-user.

To take advantage of our spam filter, you only need two things: your own domain and an email server we can forward your emails to after we’re done with them (which takes only a few seconds). If you need help setting that up, just give us a call!

At $17.95 a month, for unlimited emails, unlimited bandwidth, per-user settings and clean email, you’ll agree this is a great value!

Yep, spam is bothersome… but it doesn’t have to bother you. Give us a call anytime at 701-837-6202 to find out more!