Online Backup

First, the Bad News: Sooner or later, you are going to experience critical data loss, due to hardware failure (44% of the time), human error (32% of the time) or events such as natural disasters, computer viruses, and software corruption (the other 24%). To paraphrase the “Agent Smith” character from the Matrix movies, “It is inevitable…”

You must back up your data regularly, offsite, if you expect to keep it. Using CD-ROM burners, USB (flash) drives, or external hard drives is a recipe for disaster, because you simply cannot do proper backups that way. Using our Offsite Backup Service can protect you from the stress and inconvenience brought on by data loss, and can do it for as little as 33 cents a day!

Now, the Good News: Welcome to “no backup worries!” Our unique, online, backup service puts an end to the problems of maintaining reliable, scheduled backups. Using our system couldn’t be simpler:

Select your ‘My Documents’, ‘Outlook’, ‘Favorites’ and other files from a simple point-and-click menu. Select a time for the backup to run automatically (the default is 9:00 pm every day. That’s right… every day. No more missed backups)

The software connects to our servers on the Internet automatically, using a secure connection. No one can snoop around your data while it’s being transferred.The data is uploaded in encrypted format, and is stored on our servers in encrypted format. No one else (not even us) can look at your data. Only you have access to your data, 24/7. Because the data is encrypted, it cannot be affected by any virus or spyware infection whatsoever.

Restoring your data is as simple as selecting the files you need in the program interface, and clicking the Restore button! (Even do ‘test’ restores to an alternate location on your local system, so you’ll know that ‘it really works’ whenever you need it to)

With prices starting as low as 33 cents a day, it simply makes sense to do something about your backups that takes the ‘human element of error’ out of the way!

We’re so confident you’re going to love our “set it and forget it” system that you can even test-drive it FREE for 10 days (storage capacity of 100 MB). If you like it, we’ll convert your trial account to a real one, with the capacity you desire. If you don’t like it, that’s the end of it. No problems, no obligation whatsoever. Call now for more information!

The key to successful data backup and recovery is to have
daily, unattended, encrypted, tested backups.

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