Tech Support

Sooner or later, you need help with your computer system. What do you do? Most times, you call on “Customer Service” or “Tech Support” somewhere. Unfortunately, all too often you end up A) Leaving endless messages on voice mail, with no response, B) Talking with someone who obviously has no idea what they are doing, or C) Attempting to communicate with someone who doesn’t even understand English. How frustrating and insulting! And, we’re all familiar with the on-site techs that just don’t get things going.

Time for something different. Call us whenever you have a problem or a questions, and our English-speaking technicians will expertly assist with whatever problem you’re having. Help is available by phone, in person, and over the Internet.

Give us a call and tell us what you need. It’s almost certain we’ve “been there, done that” and you’ll notice right away that dealing with Larson Computer Services is completely different from any Customer Service experience you’ve had in the past.