At Larson Computer Services, our customers are our most important asset. I love hearing from them; here’s what just a few of them have to say about us:

I have worked with Les on a number of projects that required back-end coding. He is very good at thinking logically in a technical manner, while at the same time explaining clearly what is required in order to complete the project – a rarity in the digital world. His expertise and willingness to go beyond what is requested of him helps to make each project we collaborate on a success. I vehemently encourage anyone looking for a “coder” to utilize his services.

Doug Tiedman
Graphic / Web Designer
Magic City Web Works
Minot, ND

It was early on a Sunday morning, the day when we conclude our Sweepstakes with a fly-in breakfast and a drawing for an airplane. Just as the sun broke over the horizon, I drove to the museum feeling anxiety from knowing there was just enough time before the drawing to process sweepstakes orders from the evening before. My unease arose from the realization that although the means to purchase entries online was supposed to have been shut down around midnight – there was a possibility that this could fail to occur and as so often happens, sweepstakes participants with dreams of an airplane wake up to realize that this will be their last chance to purchase an entry. Without the shut-down, a last minute spurt in sales would mean too many orders to process before the drawing – scheduled for 11 AM.

With the best of intentions, our webmaster had agreed to take care of the shut down. She had taken her laptop and alarm clock with her on a very important trip. She only needed to make a phone call to obtain a code necessary to change our website from a remote location. Due to no fault of her own, she was denied the code. There wasn’t anything she could do. Not knowing any of this, I arrived at the museum before the fly-in breakfast, opened our website, cruised over to the sweepstakes page and immediately felt panic as I stared in disbelief at the screen with a “Buy Now” button that was not supposed to be there. What if sales picked up? We could potentially have an impatient or an irate audience of fly-ins wondering why we were delaying the drawing – simply because we would have to process last minute orders purchased just before the deadline and get their entries into the tumbler. I visualized pandemonium and making calls for help to an employee or two who had the day off on this particular Sunday.

Should I call Les this early on a Sunday morning? What else could I do? Needless to say, Les threw us a lifeline. He shut down access to the “Buy Now” button, replacing it with appropriate text. Even at that early hour, I didn’t hear a complaint from Les. And Les has saved us in times past. He has a way of calming panic by cutting to the heart of a matter with just a few well placed questions and the ability to quickly grasp the situation and get it all under control. In a previous and unrelated incident he also discovered a system vulnerability that could have drained us. He moved us to a system that’s much more safe and secure. Thanks Les.

Glenn Blackaby
Dakota Territory Air Museum Curator
Minot, ND


We were having network and virus problems and the local computer stores were of little help. Les came in, figured everything out, and got us on the right track. He is a pleasure to work with and knows what he’s doing. He will never leave a problem unresolved.
We had “Ready Remote” installed on all our machines approximately 5 months ago. This is a great service. The price is fair, Les saves time, and we save time. Rather than transporting machines to his shop or having him drive across town, we just call him; he logs in and fixes the problem.
Just recently, Les wrote and launched a new feature on our website called a “material calculator”. Again, he went the extra mile for us and it turned out great.
The business community needs more people like Les. It is a relief to know there is someone we can rely on to get the job done.

Joel Schriock
Gravel Products, Inc


We have been utilizing the talents of Les Larson for a number of years. His knowledge of networking and servers has been invaluable as our business has grown. He is accessible and always has time for a quick question.
We are also using his online backup service, which has been a lifesaver. Recently one of our employees lost a file. Using the Larson Computer Services backup, I was able to painlessly retrieve the file from a previous day’s backup. Les’ skills have enabled me to avoid using Function 10.5.
In closing, I highly recommend contacting Les for any business computing/networking functions. I am not easy to please, and working with Les has been a pleasure.

Kevin J. Kouba
Chief Financial Officer
aemsco, Inc.


Les Larson is our “go to guy” for anything computer related. He gives us prompt, professional service, with straightforward feedback to any questions or concerns we have. We have been completely satisfied with Larson Computer Services and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Karen Thompson
Scheresky Ag Service
Max, ND


I’d finally had enough of the “good enough” service I was receiving with the current IT service, when I went searching the “net” for a new one, just hoping to find better than what I had. Well, I hit the lottery! Les Larson of Larson Computer Services provides prompt service, and has been very professional. Les always seems to know what the problem is and how to solve it, even when I don’t explain the issue very well. Les does not talk over your head with computer lingo, and he doesn’t stretch the clock. There is no question the company made the right decision when they hired Larson Computer Services. I highly recommend Les for your computer needs.

Roberta R.
Carrington, ND


We have tried several computer services and have not had the professional service or technical expertise that Les Larson of Larson Computer Services has performed. No matter what the problem Les has had the solution. We purchased 2 new computers for our office and Les had them up and running in no time. He has solved hard drive problems, recommended hardware, and been available to help with all the little glitches.
Larson Computer Services is the best thing to happen to the Minot area.

Penny Perdue
Northstar Steel Inc.
Minot, ND


We use Larson Computer Services for Email Filtering. Whenever I’ve had to contact Les to take care of something he has always been very speedy at getting the job done. He is professional, accountable, knowledgeable and a real down-to-earth kind of guy. I would recommend his services to anyone.

Toni M
Minot, ND


Les is my ‘go-to guy’ for all of my network and server issues! When our IT person was out on maternity leave we had some issues arise that I was unable to correct so I called Les. Les was over within an hour and had us back up and running in minutes. He has definitely earned my trust and confidence when it comes to his expertise, knowledge and timeliness. I recommend Les to anyone needing network, server, e-mail hosting, or general computer services. He is A++ in my book!

Molly K
Minot, ND


Thanks for amazing service, a rare thing these days. Les is competent and fast. He wastes no time rooting out problems. I connected to him from over two thousand miles away and watched him work my desktop. He found and resolved my problems quickly and I’m running well again. Your buddy or your brother in law “might be able to help you”. Avoid that. Where computer technologies go, he’s second to no one! All roads lead to Les!

Mitch L
Mobile, AL


We have been customers of Larson Computer Services for two years now and the invaluable service that Les provides with data backup and remote computer support has saved us a lot of time and trouble. (Our computer became badly infected before we called Les the first time. He saved all our files, cleaned out the infection, and installed an antivirus program to prevent future problems. I would have lost all my customer and vendor info, so Les saved me money and a whole lot of time). Les can do most of the work remotely, which means I can spend more time taking care of business, instead of running around town to drop off a computer for service. Fast and friendly is an understatement. Thank you Larson Computer Services!

The Water Doctors
Minot, ND


Les Larson has been our network and computer technician for almost 10 years. I’ve worked with several technicians in the past, and have never encountered one as dependable, knowledgeable or responsive as Les. He came into our network environment having nothing to do with its initial setup and figured out the layout within a few hours. When I leave a message for him, he calls back within 15 minutes. If we have a severe network issue, he makes himself available, whether it is on a Saturday or at 6:00 in the morning.

Les always gets right to the point but is very personable at the same time. He keeps me “in the loop” during his service calls and describes everything in layman’s terms for me. Because we’re so pleased with Les, our company also uses his website hosting and data backup services.

I cannot say enough positive things about Les. He has taken the stress of computers and networks completely off of my shoulders. I appreciate all that he has done and continues to do for us.

Tina D. Dubovick
ArMA Financial Services, Inc.
Scottsdale, Arizona


If you want the best for your computer needs, I highly recommend Les Larson of Larson Computer Services. Whatever the problem, Les can fix it. I truly appreciate his friendliness and prompt service. He is a “go the extra mile” type of guy. Call him, you won’t be disappointed!

Vivian Veazey
Minot, North Dakota


Larson Computer Services has provided my home and business superior technical support of over 10 years. If you are looking for a computer specialist that is dependable, professional and “very smart”, I recommend Larson Computer Services.

Deanna Dougherty
Allstate Rent A Fence, Inc.
Phoenix, Arizona


Les Larson has been an invaluable resource for my company. The knowledge, professionalism, and dependable service provided is always just a phone call away. Finding a reliable company to handle my “tech needs” was imperative and I’m thrilled to be working with Larson Computer Services. The proactive approach to the ever changing needs of technical challenges makes it easier for me to do my job and I’m never disappointed. I have found a company which really cares about me…and that’s the way it should be. Thanks, Les, for making my work look good and keeping it running without fail!

Kleda Rae Kuehne
KRK Dezynz
Valley City, ND


As an HP Printer Service provider for twenty years we have been fortunate to find like-minded service providers like Les Larson at Larson Computer Services; qualified, conscientious, ethical people who show up on time, complete the repair correctly the first time and charge a fair price. We have used Les for our own computer equipment, have referred him to our clients countless times, and always received A+ service.

John Michalakes
Phoenix, AZ


Les, you been the most careful, attentive and patient computer tech I have ever had the pleasure to know, and to work with, locally, or anywhere. It is a joy to watch you figure out problems, get to the root of the problem, explain what you are going to do, what it will cost, and how long it will take. You are a consummate professional, a true gentleman, and a hero for everyone out there who has struggled with just getting the job done. I have also greatly appreciated your hard work, even on evenings and weekends, if that is what it takes to make your customer’s lives easier and more productive. Please share these thoughts with anyone you like; you are a true gift to all of us, and I want everyone to know how much we truly appreciate your hard work and very productive, kind and professional manner.

Bonnie P. Humphrey, M.L.A., J.D.
Attorney and Counselor at Law
Humphrey Law Office
Minot, ND


We have had a long-standing relationship with Les Larson and Larson Computer Services — over 10 years — both as a host for our web-site and as our computer repair/consultant. We are in Phoenix and you ended up in N.D., but the distance hasn’t interrupted or changed our relationship. We can always get help whenever we need it, efficiently and at a reasonable rate. Thanks for the great service!

Precision Speed Instruments
Phoenix, AZ


We have been working with Les Larson since 2002 when he installed our new computers and network. We have found Les a pleasure to work with over the years. He is very knowledgeable in his field and is always available to answer our questions and address any computer issues we may have. He has been an invaluable asset to our business, which is demonstrated by the fact that we continue to use his services even though he is no longer located in our area. His level of customer service is difficult to come by in our current society and we would recommend Les to anyone in need of excellent technical support.

Tania M. De Belder and Carla Webb
Asheton B. Call, P.C.
Chandler, AZ


Les Larson, owner of Larson Computer Services, is a highly professional and skilled technician. He clearly is an expert in all aspects of computer technology, and we are fortunate to have him as our IT consultant. Les has greatly improved the performance of our store network, and provides us with an off site, fail-safe automatic nightly backup of critical files on our server. In addition, he has been very quick to respond to computer malfunctions, most often solving our problems remotely by viewing and controlling our computers through his website. It is a great comfort to me and my wife as business owners to know that Les is there to maintain our computers and network.

I highly recommend Les Larson, owner of Larson Computer Services, to any business, large or small. You will be very pleased with everything that he will do for you.

Al & Linda Torrington, Owners
Knowles Jewelry
Minot, ND


Fisher Motor Inc. has contracted the services of Les Larson and Larson Computer Services for several years now. Les has always done a very efficient and professional job for our company. Obviously, in today’s world, computer systems that work 24/7 are more critical than ever before. Les is available to take care of our needs and to keep us online with better and faster service than any company I have worked with in the past.

Of particular notice was about four years ago we upgraded our showroom computers along with adding a Microsoft server to our bank of other servers. With several franchises to work with we had to integrate our new Microsoft server with four other servers. At the same time we installed a new rack to house all of our servers and network This required our entire IT system to be dismantled and re-done. Les started this change on Saturday evening when we closed for the weekend and we were up and running with our complete new system Monday morning with virtually only a couple of minor problems which were mostly machine settings at one of our over 65 terminals.

I highly recommend Les and his company for any of your IT needs whether it be system maintenance, networks, or offsite storage of your data.

Steven J Zaun
Fisher Motors Inc.
Minot, ND


I have owned multiple businesses in different cities and states over the course of my 30 year career, and have used many different computer techs to handle different types of problems in these locations. All have claimed to be experts in diagnosing and correcting problems; however in many situations I have been disappointed with their efforts. Not only did these others not arrive when promised they also never called to let me know they would not be on time. When they claimed the project was completed it quite often required a return visit to completely correct the problem since they did not do a thorough job initially.

I met Les Larson, owner of Larson Computer Services, in Sept of 2009 and have had the need to utilize his talents on several occasions with different problems I experienced with my network and hardware. Les has always returned phone calls in a timely manner and always showed up on time or called to let me know he was running behind and what his expected arrival time was. Les was quick to diagnose and correct the problems in one visit.

If you are experiencing computer or network issues I strongly suggest you allow Larson Computer Services the opportunity to earn your trust and business. Do not be concerned that you may not work or live in the immediate vicinity of Larson Computer Services since he is able to use the power of the internet to diagnose and correct problems worldwide without ever having to step foot in your business.

Mark Hoffman
Minot Nutrition Addiction
Minot, ND